Who's Who

Club Officers

The Bramhall Golf Club has a traditional structure of personnel elected to their positions each year. In addition various committees are made of up members of the council and other co-opted members. Ultimately the managements responsibility of the entire club is led by the management board. Officers of the club can be contacted through request to council or committee meetings or directly through details available in the club diary.

2019 Officials

Shushil Aggarwal
Ian Handy
Caroline McGeorge
Lady Captain
Charlie Turnbull
Junior Captain

Club Personnel 2019

Honorary Secretary: David O'Brien

Honorary Treasurer: Paul Symmons

Honorary Assistant Treasurer: Phil Hall

President: Shushil Aggarwal

Mr Captain: Ian Handy

Lady Captain: Caroline McGeorge

Mr Vice Captain: Blair Marriott

Lady Vice Captain: Maria Spencer

Club Professional: Richard Green

Assistant Club Professional: Scott Parry

House Manager: Damon Cross

Head Chef: Adam Dewar

Course Manager: Les Adshead


Management Board

Ian Handy(Chair); Shushil Aggarwal; Caroline McGeorge; Blair Marriott; Maria Spencer; David O'Brien; Paul Symmons; Alan Fendall (Greens); Blair Marriott (House); Sean Ring (Handicap)



Phil Hall; Rob Kenyon; Alan Smith; David Foster; Pat Marriott; Stephen Sheard




  • Paul Symmons (Chair)
  • David O'Brien
  • Phil Hall
  • Alan Fendall
  • Blair Marriott
  • Mrs Linda Fegan*


  • Alan Fendall (Chair)
  • Les Adshead*
  • David Joyce*
  • Pat Marriott
  • Sean Ring
  • Gareth Bradley*
  • Ian Hazlewood*
  • Rob Harris*


  • Sean Ring (Chair)
  • Maggie Beadle*
  • Richard Green*
  • Pat Marriott
  • Alan Smith
  • Simon Burgess*
  • Gareth Lewis*


  • Blair Marriott (Chair)
  • Wendy Woodhead*
  • David Foster
  • Rob Kenyon
  • Diane Symmons*
  • Stephen Sheard

Match / Teams

  • Friendlies - Alan Smith
  • Scratch - Andy Clarke
  • Seniors - Richard Gait
  • Senior Scratch - Nigel Hall


  • Maggie Beadle
  • Bill Higginbotham
  • Hugh Brown
  • Sandra Smith
  • Charlie Turnbull (Captain)

Mixed Golf

  • Peter Eadsforth
  • Carolyn Eadsforth
  • Rosa Sheard
  • Stephen Sheard

Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety Officer - David O'Brien

* denotes co-opted


Ladies Section

Secretary: Jean Hindmoor

Treasurer: Linda Fegan (Brenda Bruce - Assistant Treasurer)

Competition Secretary: Pat Marriott

Match Secretary: Luci Foster (Nicki Russell - Assistant Match Secretary)


  • Caroline McGeorge (Lady Captain)
  • Maria Spencer (Lady Vice Captain)
  • Diane Symmons
  • Sue Taylor
  • Wendy Woodhead
  • Joanna Lingwood
  • Dehrne Hancock

Handicap Committee

  • Pat Marriott - Competition Secretary
  • Sue Taylor - Asst. Competition Secretary
  • Ali Hicks